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Here’s one just for the Hinton spotters.

For some reason I was lying awake at 3 a.m. last night wondering if Charles Howard Hinton had met his bigamous bride Maude Florence while teaching at Cheltenham Ladies College. Perhaps she’d been a student: wouldn’t that be just scandalous! I thought to check it out this morning before dealing with REAL WORK and tried to find registers online. Searching for those came up null, but did reveal this: Charles Howard worked at Cheltenham College, not the Ladies College which of course makes total sense in retrospect. Seems worth correcting because every biographical account since Rudy Rucker (and possibly it was Marvin Ballard who was the source for this?) has him at Cheltenham Ladies.¬†

Another curiosity: he was on a list of examinees of the University of London in 1871, the year in which he matriculated as an non-collegiate student at Oxford. Any ideas on that would be interesting.

This heinous task-avoidance may be some use. I promise extensive higher-dimensional bibliographies imminently.

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