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Marc Demarest, who maintains the excellent Emma Hardinge Britten archive, a shining example of open-source web scholarship, has been in touch with a couple of corrections regarding the CCM post below. With apologies for sloppiness, here’s Marc’s message:

Thanks for the post. Too few people looking into CCM’s life.

Couple of things:

– William Stainton Moses was the co-editor of *LIght* (to which periodical CCM was perhaps the most regular contributor in the 1880s), not *The Medium and Daybreak* (as your post says). James Burns was the editor of the M&D, and the M&D stands, in relation to Light, like the New York Post to the New York Times 🙂

– WSM was not a founder of the TS. I’m not sure he was ever even a read-in member of the TS. He and Henry Steel Olcott were correspondents, and Blavatsky woo’d him for the TS, but (like Emma Hardinge Britten and CCM) he eventually turned against the TS in public.

– CCM didn’t just defend Slade; perhaps more importantly, in the broader sweep of things, he defended Penny, the astrologer, when he was brought up on the charge of violating English laws against fortune-telling. That case was the opening salvo in a battle that went on until Helen Duncan’s trial under the same act in the mid-1940s (if memory serves). CCM also acted for several other spiritualists and occultists in different matters.

I’m grateful for the pointers – they’re all spot-on. It’s never less than productive to make contact with other researchers in the field and a great advantage to have engaged readers. I can also heartily recommend Marc’s Chasing Down Emma blog, where he posts updates on his ongoing research. This recent post expands the picture of Massey’s legal activities defending spiritualists and occultists by reproducing a report on his defence of the astrologer Richard Henry Penny.

Keep an eye out for more updates on CCM.

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